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Are you spending a little too much time on adult websites or apps? Or are you looking for an effective porn blocker? Or do you want to protect kids from accessing adult content Don’t worry, BlockerX has got you covered.

BlockerX premium apk is an effective porn website filter for Android phones. Porn sites/ adult content sites are completely blocked across browsers, helping you stay away from adult content and stay productive. It also helps you keep kids away from adult content.

Overview Information

PublisherAtmana Innovations PL
CategoryHealth, Fitness & Lifestyle
Size100 MB
Latest Version4.7.28
Mod InfoPremium Unlocked
Playstore LinkGoogle Play Image

BlockerX Introduction

BlockerX Premium APK

BlockerX Porn blocker for no fap & safe search is a productivity Android app made by Atmana Innovations PL with a lot of interesting features that make it one of the best porn blockers! The app helps to quit porn and keep you away from porn addiction.

It is an effective porn website filter for Android phones. It can also help you keep kids away from adult content. However, adult content might still be accessible through websites and apps like Instagram, Youtube etc. For this purpose, BlockerX also has a website blocker to block specific websites and an app blocker to block specific apps.

Features of BlockerX

BlockerX MOD APK

Porn blocker

With a single click, the porn banning feature bans all forms of adult content. You can also utilize the blocking applications / websites capability to prohibit specific websites or apps.

Website blocker

This feature prevents you from being distracted by specific websites. You can input the website’s domain name to have it blocked. As a result, it’s a good website blocker for studying.

App blocker

This is a fantastic solution for you to use to ban apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Youtube, among others. From the list of installed apps, you may choose which program you want to block. Those which have been chosen will be inaccessible once they have been blocked.

Parental control

BlockerX premium apk can be installed on your child’s phone to prevent them from accessing any inappropriate or adult content. You can also utilize the ‘prevent uninstall’ option, which is discussed further below, to ensure that your child is unable to disable the blocker.

Password protection

The most prevalent issue with blocker programs is that they can be simply switched off, defeating the point of the blocker altogether. This is a feature in the BlockerX premium apk that prevents the blocker from being turned off.

An access code is generated and provided to a friend or family member who acts as an accountability partner with this function. If you don’t enter the access code shared with your accountability partner, you won’t be able to turn off the blocker. If you’re a parent, you’ll be asked to create a PIN when you join up, and this PIN will be required to disable the blocker.

Uninstall prevention

Another typical technique to get around such apps is to uninstall them completely. BlockerX premium apk also got you covered here.

If you enable prohibit uninstall, you won’t be able to uninstall the program without first entering a password. The blocker’s effectiveness is due to this feature. In order to provide this functionality, this program requires the device administrator permission (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN).


BlockerX apk works best with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave browsers. APKMAVEN highly recommend using these browsers to ensure that the web blocker works effectively, Opera mini isn’t supported.

So what are you waiting for? Install BlockerX porn blocker now and protect you or your child from adult content. Try Maki Plus if you want to enjoy Facebook and Messenger in one awesome application with dark mode and no advertisements.

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