Instander (Instagram MOD)

What makes Instagram mod apk remarkable is how users have utilized the program to tell a tale about their ordinary lives via styled photographs and videos.

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Overview Information

Size55 MB
Latest Version232.
Mod Info18+ Mods & Features
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Instagram Introduction

Instagram MOD APK

Here are a few pros and cons to let you know a little more about Instagram.


  • The world’s largest photo-sharing network.
  • Advanced tools for enhancing and enhancing photographs.
  • A neat user interface.
  • In-app messaging.
  • Broadcast live videos.


Instagram MOD APK

  • A feed based on an algorithm.

The 5 most interesting features of Instagram

Let’s talk about a few features of Instagram.


Right now, Instagram’s viral growth is being driven by reels.

Short and amusing videos can be made and discovered for the benefit of followers.

Users are drawn in by the entertaining videos, encouraging them to share them immediately via music, effects, and other innovative technologies.

Instagram QR codes

The Instagrammers can search and add the people with QR scan codes to their followers’ lists.

Increasing the number of people who know about your profile and have the ability to scan and access it is made more accessible with this method.


Instagram MOD APK

As with Snapchat’s stories, the Instagram mod apk versions’ last for 24 hours.

Text, stickers, polls, GIFs, filters, and even the tagging of friends and followers are all options for the apps’ users to explore and experiment with.

Disappearing DMs

With vanishing DMs, you have the option of sending photographs or videos to a group or an individual recipient with the option of unsending them later on.


For any trending topic on social media, hashtags are critical to its continued success.

Instagram MOD APK Info

Instander is a beautiful and powerful Instagram Mod that has a lot of different improvements that give its user an edge over other Instagram users.

The Instagram MOD APK was modded by TheDise.

Features of the Instagram MOD APK

  1. Download everything
  2. Privacy: ability to hide viewed stories, typing… and reading messages.
  3. Follows You- The ability to find out if a user is following you or not following you by visiting their profile.
  4. Hide ADS- Hides all regular and shopping ads in stories and your feed.
  5. Disable analytics- The ability to prevent Instagram from collecting data about your account.
  6. Full quality photos- Possibility to prevent Instagram from compressing photos.
  7. Swipe to navigate- Ability to enable/disable swiping from left to right to open camera or from left to right to open DM.
  8. In-App Browser- The ability to set the links you touch on Insta to open through browsers installed on your device, not within the application.
  9. Play with sound- Ability to automatically audio-on start stories and posts without touching the screen.
  10. Disable stories auto-skip- Ability to disable the auto-skip of the stories.
  11. Remove black borders- Ability to remove black borders from stories.
  12. Don’t crop stories- Ability to share stories without cropping according to the width of the screen.
  13. Long tap to zoom- Ability to view any post with a picture content in full screen. You can also zoom in and out as much as you want using finger gestures while viewing the posts in full screen.
  14. Download posts with triple tap- Tap any post for 3 times, post will be downloaded to your device.
  15. Double tap to like- Ability to enable or disable likes by double tapping.
  16. Always first media- Ability to always shows the first media for posts with multiple media.
  17. Video autoplay- Ability to enable / disable video auto play.
  18. Remove liked posts- Ability to hide the posts you’ve like before

v16.0 Changelog

β€” Migration to Instagram version;
β€” Added Monet color scheme support for Android 12+;
β€” Added Animated Splash for Android 12+;
β€” Added Themed Icon for Android 13+;
β€” Added In-App Lock (Beta);
β€” Added 60 second stories;
β€” Added Developer Mode decoder (MobileConfig);
β€” Added new Instander Sans font (Latin, Cyrillic, Thai, Tamil, Persians support);
β€” Added download button to the three dots menu;
β€” Added hide “Download feed button”;
β€” Added selective biography in profile;
β€” Redesigned Instander menu.;
β€” Redesigned all dialogs;
β€” Redesigned of all toast messages.;
β€” Fixed Auto OTA feature. Now the progress dialog is not displayed when you open the application;
β€” Added Spanish language (Thanks @dpatrongomez);
β€” Reorganization of almost all my code.

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